My gift of ‘Artist in Residence’ in in full flow.  I wake, monitor the Red Thread Café Classroom on Facebook, sit with a cup of Chai as I do my morning journaling, and be in the fullness of gratitude. Feeling the deep blessings of my life.  

Kelly Bonsall and I have been offering a ‘Ladies of Love’ Series.  The current aspect is honoring Earth Goddesses.  Kelly is dear friend and another Color of Woman Graduate and Guild member.  This was the evening of my only commitment during my ‘Artist in Residence’ time.  Tonighs was the 4th evening of a series of 4 honoring Mama Earth, Pachamama, Gaia…  So with joy I unpacked my watercolor painting of Mother Earth and spent the day immersing myself in honoring our dear Mother Earth – feeling her deep love.  Praying for humans to wake up, and honor her, our home, rather than destroying her. 

Reflecting on how I can continue to honor myself – taking this time for me, even upon my return home.    Still in Heaven –  feeling blessed!

“SEEING YOU, HOLDING YOU”  “Open the fist when it is hard and painful, allow ease.  As the bond of love can never be broken, whether it be with a lover, a friend, a child or my own Soul.  There is a fierceness of the dragon, yet softness and gentleness – whimsical too.  All on the path to the center – is the path to love, the path to seeing and knowing,  the path to the heart.  She is ever present, ever strong, ever abundant and ever giving.  Commit to Loving, starting with loving me, which then makes it easy to offer love towards others.  There is no other way –  know this to be true.  Earth Mama, I honor you, Pachamama, Gaia, Freya, Diana, Parvati, Uma, I am you and you are me.  Seeing you, Holding you, Seeing me, Holding me.

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