A Surprise Slice of Heaven  Part 1

Ever since I heard of “Artist in Residence” opportunities, I wanted to go somewhere for one.  The idea of a month with nothing else to do but art sounded like paradise.  I could come up with all sorts of reasons I didn’t ever do it –  bottom line –  excuses – and it didn’t happen.

In June of this year I decided on a road trip from Taos, New Mexico (home) to Sonoma, California  (Headquarters and home to Musea – my Intentional Creativity® community) with a couple stops along the way.  From the moment I made the decision, factors continued to change – in fact just about EVERY factor and aspect kept changing..  I’m usually pretty good with “spontaneity” and “go with the flow” so I stayed with the basic idea for a 2 week trip and opening to an adventure. 

My dear friend/mentor Shiloh Sophia was having a Gallery Opening at Musea in Sonoma, along with her birthday celebration.  We usually see each other at least yearly – and with CoVID, the connection felt long overdue. 

I have friends and family in Southern Cal and my brother that lives there was recently diagnosed with Cancer.  The words “Road Trip” kept arising.  SO YEP –  Road trip it was! 

In addition to wanting to see Beloveds –  I packed my art supplies, canvasses, and yummy snacks and opened to what life sent my way. 

In Southern Cal, while staying with my friend, I set up my easel in her back yard and opened to the creative explorative journey of the trip. 

Painting #1 –  The Basic idea of Intentional Creativity® is being intentional with what is brought to the canvas.  As I reflected on life and how I viewed it has changed, I took it to the canvas.  My journaling and reflections were that I interpreted that I used to be more at ease, more in the flow, softer…  then through a number of years of increased challenges (divorce, moves, deaths, frustrations…) I questioned whether I was “harder/harsher”  with sharper edges and inquired “how does this fit into how I want to be and who I am?”  So I took it to the canvas for exploration.  I stated with soft gentle lines , then added the angular and harsher sharp edges. It was clear that both have their value and can effectively be blended.  The final layer was dreaming/creating the life I want, and allowing the value of both sides to be present. 

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