After delightful connections and interactions in So Cal, I headed north to Sonoma to join my art community sisters (and brother). 

Oh indeed, such a joy to share time and space,  celebration and inspiration, Red Thread circles of connection… and even hugs after so many months of non contact.  The body was in a Full Body YES! State.  

One of the first things I heard from Jonathan was “do you have a place to stay?  You are welcome to stay here, there is room for you…”  As I had stayed at Musea before when I have supported different teaching courses,  this wasn’t a total surprise, though it was music to my ears and brought warmth to my heart.  

The morning after the celebration, I arose and set up my paints to continue my exploration as I wasn’t going to meet with Shiloh until later that afternoon.  Ahhhh surrounded by full inspiration… and I painted…and painted till it was time to connect with my dear sister/friend.  Sharing the sweetness of a hot tub and swimming pool, a surprise explorative conversation was shared about a potential new offering in the community –  hmmmm  “see what comes up in my dreams about it.” 

It was made clear that I was welcome to stay at Musea for as long as I’d like as Shiloh and Jonathan were leaving the following day for a  2 week vacation.  No one would be at Musea –  there was something I could do to be of service for Jonathan and I could make myself at home – ‘Artist in Residence!’  Is there a more inspiring place to create?  Surrounded by Shiloh’s work? The work of the rest of our lineage?  If this really happening?

Painting #2  – Another purpose of Intentional Creativity® is to take a problem, healing, or something else that needs to be worked out – to the Canvas.  This was the perfect time and place to inquiry as to the potential new offering to take that exploration to the canvas.  I wanted to open to the concept of so much was swirling in my brain  – how do I make sense of it? Organize it? And gain useful information about it?  So much swirling –  there had to be structure within that creative chaos, the ancestors of the lineage showed up in the paintings with a sense of blessings from them.  One of the things we often use in our community, as we look at a new project, is the asking of the questions:  “Who, What, Why, When,  How and (What makes it a) Wow?   Ultimately the answer came that with the combination of Creativity and Structure the Possibilities are unlimited.  

I’m still in Heaven and the ‘Slice’ is increasing!


“Possibilities with Creative Structure” Getting all the thoughts that are swirling in my brain into a workable structure, The presence and support of the ancestorial lineage offers needed and valued support as well as looking at the project with the “Who, What, Why, When and How” bring clarity so that the “Wow” is enabled.

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