Fortunately, I love my home (as it is close to the time to return there).  My life is filled with so many blessings.  I am Grateful for this land in Taos that has called me.  There is a saying in Taos that the Mountains call you in or Spit you out.  From the moment I spoke the words out loud that “I would Move to Taos and open ‘Musea, Taos’ “  the Universe has conspired for me to relocate.  I am grateful to the ancestors of the land to be stewarding this land I call home.  As best I know, the ancestors of this land are the Anasazi, the Apache, the Navajo, the Pueblo, the Hopi and the Ute, and I do my best daily to honor those that came before me and treat them and this earth with dignity, and with gratitude for allowing me to call Taos ‘Home.”  

Thus winds up this amazing 2 weeks of travel which included this incredible ‘Artist in Residence’ at Musea – in Sonoma, California.  What a gift to be allowed here to create.  What a MAJOR Slice of Heaven it has been.  

Before I go I have one more painting inside me.  Blessed to remember who I am and what my true nature is.  This time, acrylic on Watercolor which started out as more playful, and yet was as deep as the rest for me in connection with my True Self.  

“Love is Spoken Here” was in prayer to the ancestors to help me remember the Truth of who I am  – who we all are.  What a blessing this journey call life continues to be. 

Thank  you Shiloh Sophia and Jonathan McCloud for the gift of yourselves and all you do and all who you are.  Thank you for the friendship, thank you for the gift YOU BOTH are to the 1000’s and 1000’s whose lives you touch in such a beautiful way every day.  Thank you for heling this world to be a better place.  Thank you for the gift of Musea, for this Slice of Heaven “Artist in Residence”


“Love is Spoken Here” May I remember my True Self. May the Ancestors and Great Spirit guide me in truth and Joy. May I Speak from my Heart and with Love at all times.

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