Aligning and Refining Your Life

Monthly Online Membership with Uma Joy starting June 2nd

Summoning all women who feel that inner “stirring!”

A Gathering has been called for YOU, and I hope you will join us!

Have you heard the whisper from within?

Are you ready to live a more radiant and joyful life?



I’ve been called to gather a tribe of like-minded women of all ages who are ready to explore and reconnect to our true authentic selves in a gentle, fun and supportive way.

We will soon be coming out of our current ‘Shelter in place,’ with an amazing opportunity in our hands.   Right now and for the coming months we can choose to reflect on, understand and choose our “new normal” that we are stepping into.  What this looks like will be different for each of us.

Through these unprecedented times – perhaps you have been (and still are) feeling angry, sad, fearful, lonely, grief, hopeless… you name it.

Perhaps there has been a sense of “LONGING FOR…” (not even sure what!) that started long before the Pandemic. You gave everything you had to raising a family and put YOURSELF on the backburner. Perhaps you woke one morning to say – WHOA!  What happened to me –  who am I? Where did I go? You may know there is something you are wanting to do – and don’t know what it is.

Would you like to transform these old stories to new ones that allow for a greater sense of peace and calm? More options and possibilities?

Many of you have told me you lack focus and clarity, and sense you do not have enough time and/or energy.

Many have said you want more creativity in your life – connecting to the “juice” inside of you. Many of you told me that you long for connection with self and others and that you have a deep desire to feel the integration of all parts of yourself.




What is “Creating Radiant Health” about? It is a low-cost membership program where we will explore all the parts within mind, body, spirit, heart and soul, through monthly virtual calls, Facebook community, creative processes, journaling, inspiration and more. 

Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in this world.“

To BE that change we need to connect with all parts of ourselves – Deepen into our Self, reclaim all of us – the hidden, the shadows, the joys, the light, and doing that in Community is vital. To be surrounded by like-minded women, on a similar journey, being there to witness, support, listen, hear, and SEE you makes a huge difference in our work. It is HARD to do it on our own.

One thing these current times are showing is that we are all connected. There is nothing done that does not affect others. Our actions, thoughts, decisions and ways of BE-ING affect not only OUR life but the lives of others, as they affect us. And so, this circle is called.

This unique approach blends over 37 years of practice in the holistic health field with Intentional Creativity® (engaging Right and Left sides of the brain, backed by neuroscience and the experiences of tens of thousands of people all over the world) to heal the fragments and increase AWARENESS, JOY and YOUR RADIANT HEALTH! I know it works because it has worked for me and many others. Now I want to share it with you!

Be the person you are inside and create the life you want to live! With this monthly membership program, you will:


  • ACCESS your inner self, wisdom, and creativity
  • EXPLORE the framework you operate from and increase AWARENESS (from where you are to where you want to be)
  • MOVE stuck energy through creativity and with connection to all parts of you allowing clarity and focus to come forward
  • CREATE simple powerful drawings that allow you to access deeper information
  • CONNECT with what it means to YOU to live in your Wholeness and RADIANT HEALTH
  • DISCOVER (or Re-DISCOVER) the hidden parts of you
  • TRANSFORM old stories into new ones
  • DEVELOP a new relationship with the inner critic (aka Inner Mean Girl)
  • EXPERIENCE a sense of connection with all parts of you – Mind, Body, Spirit, Heart and Soul

Are you ready to AWAKEN and increase your AWARENESS?

Are you ready to transform your old stories and realign with your true self through creativity and discovery? If so, I invite you to join us.

Let’s create, heal and awaken together.

Let’s increase Radiant Health in all areas of our lives.

Creating Radiant Health is for women who are:


  • Ready to create – or add to – Radiant Health in their lives
  • Feeling stressed and overwhelmed
  • Frustrated with lack of focus and clarity
  • In transition in life (divorce, empty nester, retirement, change of career, sexual identity…)
  • Ready to release old stories that hold them back
  • Ready and wanting to AWAKEN and increase AWARENESS
  • Ready to reclaim the voice they lost long ago
  • Ready to step into new possibilities – into the TRUTH of the BEAUTIFUL person they are
  • Wanting to circle with other women – to be seen, heard and witnessed – even if it feels scary




The cost of this membership $24 per month. 


A 60-90 minute group call each month where we will explore these different concepts of Radiant Health:
  • Red Thread Circle of Connection and Inquiry.
  • Simple – though surprisingly powerfully insightful drawings/doodling (Metacognitive Drawing) and journaling
  • Dancing/Movement, visioning and visualizations
  • Q&A Session

We will have a private Facebook group for discussion with each other and I will check in (almost) daily addressing questions that arise.

During the month you will receive extra emails and prompts for inquiry, journaling, links for meditations, inspiration and more.

Additionally, members of Creating Radiant Health will be offered tuition savings on creativity sessions, workshops and private coaching. Details will be shared upon registration.

* We trust that you know your intuition and if at some point you feel that you need to discontinue your membership, you are welcome to cancel any time.



Uma’s coaching sessions have been profound. She has a way to see my wounds, hold them with compassion and tenderness, and through skillful guidance and drawing processes, help me to break through. I am truly grateful for Uma’s wisdom and the opportunity to work one on one with her. – Reema Datta

Uma’s guidance during our coaching session far exceeded my expectation in helping me reach my goals. It was a larger project than I ever imagined and she was with me every step of the way helping me to stay focused with clarity. Her gentle and clear insights were critical to my success. – S. Shultz, D.C., EAMP 

“There was so much peace joy and laughter. I can hardly wait until the next workshop – This is a beautiful, exciting, and mystical journey.” – DS

I give the workshop a 10. I had hoped it was going to be good and honestly, the location, Uma’s guidance, the group of women and all the tools and paints and set up was amazing and exceeded my hopes. Very grateful to Uma for sharing her talent, insight and spirit. – Pam Alegnani

Artist Shiloh Sophia’s Painting “Catalyst”, which she painted as a result of working with Uma. 

About ME:

I am Uma Joy, and everything I have done in this life has brought me to this moment. RIGHT NOW! My passion in this life is to share love and increase light in this world. It lights me up to work with women who want to be their full, beautiful SELF. Sometimes, somewhere along the way we can forget who we are, have hidden parts of ourselves, and/or lose our voices. When I see the light return to one’s eyes as they remember their beautiful truth – my heart and soul have the greatest smile and joy within them – within ME!  All beings have the need and right to be seen, heard and to KNOW their value and live in their own strength and power. We all can make our lives the BEST we can make them.


For any questions, please reach out to Uma at

To find out more about Uma, visit her website here.

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