Dream Project is Happening!

Here’s what it is and how YOU can be a part of it



Dream Project is happening!                                                                      

Here is what it is and how YOU can be a part of it 

A dream was started long before I moved to Taos! The mountains called me here and the land was presented. I am so grateful!

I invite you to explore this page and see if this inspires you as it has inspired me.




Those of you that know me well or have been following me for a long time know my passion with the Mandala and Intentional Creativity®, and you’ve heard me speak of “Musea Taos.”

“Musea” means many museums. In my Intentional Creativity® circle we think of it as many muses, many lands, many voices, many hands. Our main “headquarters” is in Sonoma, California and we have individual “Musea(s)” all over the world.  When the pandemic began in 2020, Shiloh Sophia ( my Intentional Creativity® teacher, mentor and dear friend) asked many of us, “What would you do if you knew you could not fail?”  In itself, it was not a new question to me. However, I was surprised by my immediate answer. Without thinking, I responded, “I’d move to Taos, New Mexico, open ‘Musea Taos,’ and be close to my son and granddaughter.”  WHOOSH – the universe plopped me here less than 5 months later.If we go back in time, creativity has always been a part of my life.  It was actually my intended “major” in college years ago. Chiropractic won out for the profession, however,  creativity was always present.  It was in 2009 that it formally rose forward when I met Paul Heussenstamm and started painting and teaching Mandala workshops. In 2013, I met Shiloh Sophia and started incorporating Intentional Creativity® into my life. It was then that I joined the Intentional Creativity® movement and participate in the Color of Woman teacher training. I have lived this way of life ever since.

When the universe brought me to Taos, Ryan (my son) and I knew it was ridiculous for us both to be paying rent. With the help of an amazing friend we were able to buy a home in Taos. It was our dream to have a place of healing and a place to build community. There were so many factors that arose that said “THIS is the place.”

For years, Ryan has offered body work, conscious communication teaching and other various forms of healing.   He is now received his masters degree in counseling (December 2023). Our offerings dovetail beautifully while also standing alone. This place we are creating honors the ancestors, Mother Earth and ALL Beings. We bring Intention into all we doOur gardening nourishes the earth with the intention of having enough to share. There is a community developing as we gather to share meals and offer a safe place for children to come together. The land is very sacred to us. Though the “deed” may have our names on it,  we are clear it is not “OUR” land. We do our best to honor those who were here long before us. For the fruit trees on the land and the vegetables we grow, we catch as much rain water as possible. We understand the vital need and that “Water is LIfe.” We have 22 chickens, 1 dog and 2 cats here.

There was a loafing shed on the property where the horses would come in out of the rain. We do not have horses, and when we saw the shed, we both knew it was the perfect place to transform into a studio. It will mainly be my art studio and a place to offer workshops and retreats. There will also be collaborations happening there bringing in many various healers.

the story continues…

The “barn” or “future home of Musea” still has a dirt floor and only 2 ½ walls, and it feels like the right place to birth this dream.

It is exciting to feel the energy mounting for this studio to come to life.WI’m writing this to the many of you who have stated that you want to see this dream come true, and have asked how you can help to make this a reality.  This world needs love and healing from all of us, and this is one of the ways we offer it.

this was the plan…

Phase 1 –  Started Nov 15, 2021 A friend who has the skills to build came and was wanting to helping us . We worked together to get as far as we were able to while he and his family were here  – however, a week into the project we were given a Stop Order by the county until the paper work was completed.  1 year later we finally received the permit.  During that first week we were able to build the  1 ½ walls and add the door and windows (which include the beautiful view of the mountains and natural light for art-making). Our friend is an electrician and was able to start the project.   The resulting studio will be approximately 600 sq ft.As of November 2022 –  Permit was received.  We have and are continuing the  project according to the plan.  We have passed our first 2 inspections (as one Feb 5.23) and are continuing on.  We will include a “mud floor” or ‘earthen floor” which I am very excited about.  Our home has a mud floor and though it is a bit more labor intensive to lay it – it is more eco friendly and leaves a smaller foot print on this earth.  Wherever we can be be more earth friendly we will be. We will be using an eco friendly insulation as well, (I will add a new video soon so you can see the plans and will update you as we go through the changes)  

what is the BIG WHY?


WHY?  I have seen close up the results Intentional Creativity® has on individuals and the healing it brings forward.  Though I will definitely be working with all genders, my passion is to empower women and girls.  My intention is to work with Veterans  as I had just started doing before I moved from Boise 6 years ago.  One of the Veterans who went through ‘Table to Canvas’ after 2 tours in Iraq and 1 tour in Afghanistan, made the comment, “Oh, Uma, this has to get to the Vets – it is so powerful”. I also want to work with survivors of domestic violence and other traumas. As ‘Musea Taos’ reaches completion of Phase 1, we will expand the offerings of workshops here on the land for the above  segments of the population and more.  There are currently numerous Beloveds (the term I use for those I work with) who want to come for intensives, and work together on physical, emotional and mental complaints.  Blending a 41+ year background in the Natural Healing field with Intentional Creativity® works perfectly. Adding my son’s offerings and those of others who will come to the land to collaborate, it will be an amazing healing place.

Completing the project will take ­­­­­­­­­­­approximately ­­­­$20,000 (completion of the structure as stated above – floor, lighting, heat, insulation, wall covering, last bits of siding, finish work for electrician and heating). There are some funds available for this project and more is needed.  I am hoping you are inspired by this project as much as I am and wish to support us as we make it happen.  Please view the “Uma Style  Dream Project” levels of support below.

These are wild times on this planet, and it is my KNOWING that this world needs all the love, healing, and connection we can bring forward.  This is what Intentional Creativity® brings to the table.  It is my experience as I have shared this work, that creativity enhances this healing in a profound way, and science is now backing that up. (I use the term for Intentional Creativity® for all the art I do as Mandalas are also done with the Intention of love and healing.)  

My experience demonstrates that the more we awaken and increase our awareness, the more we are conscious in our interactions – with ourselves, other beings and our Mother Earth.  This is the home we have – not only for ourselves (ALL beings) but for our children, grandchildren and theirs and theirs…



Here’s the tiered levels explaining how you can be involved in supporting “Dream Project”

ALL support is deeply appreciated – whether you are sending loving supportive thoughts and/or any amount of financial exchange.  To all Beloveds who pledge funding:  We really appreciate your kindness —  As a sign of deep gratitude, your name will be on our  website for all to see.

Please change the estimated date of delivery for gift exchange for the contributions as posted in each option below to MAY 1, 2023. 

Deep gratitude to those who have contributed:

Frances Olson                               Annette Wagner                             Kim Drake                                   Ellen Shefi

Shiloh Sophia                                Tina Greene                                    Olivia Oso

Laurakay Louke                             Denise Jakob                                  Carol Fairbanks

Sandy and John Rademacher       Jessica Swenson                            JoAnn Heiser

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