A Reflection of Rebirth, Reawakening and Reclaiming   by Uma Joy

What do I want to Rebirth?

What do I want to Reawaken?

What do I want to Reclaim?

All of this leads to ME!  My True Self, the joy and laughter in me, my connection to Spirit, deepening my creative practice; opening to new friends, new experiences, living life fully, consciously, unapologetically, BY CHOICE, with love —- AS LOVE!

It may have been since this morning or YEARS ago that you wrote Haikus.  So a quick reminder if your forgot —  Traditionally a Haiku is a Japanese poem of seventeen syllables, in three lines of five, seven, and five, traditionally evoking images of the natural world.  There are areas of my life I am not a rule follower and take liberties when it comes to my creativity – I invite you to do the same.  Here are some Haikus that arose today:


Winter Solstice time                                                            I am Reawakening                                                        Time for Reclaiming

Creativity                                                                              and implementation too                                             Keeps my light shining

Explore my life line                                                         What brings me to my center                                           Letting my light shine

Living life Fully                                                               Unapologetically                                                             Consciously by choice

Breakthrough resistance                                                 Re-engage with playfulness                                         Reawakening

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