What to do when the BEST Whirl Wind stop?

July 4th  started this amazing flow and whirl wind that went into the retreat ‘Shine On!’, although I really have to start before then.  Back in February, Niccole Blaze and I picked the date July 6, for the “Shine On!” retreat.  It felt spacious enough in timing to get the studio done and it gave us a date that we had something to work with to make it happen.

If you’ve ever done construction or had plans with construction you likely have experienced unexpected twists, turns, and delays.  Oh, did we have them!!!  and they gave us a great opportunity to  practice patience, grace, acceptance, and looking at “well –  What can I do?”  We were truly down to the wire with the porch/entry built July 1 and 2, clearing the area of post construction debris on the 2nd and 3rd along with touchups on the painting, spackeling, and hanging paintings on the 5th and even on the day the retreat started on the 6th WHEW!!!  ( And I so want to continue to acknowledge my son Ryan who put so much of the rest of his life on hold with a commitment to get this done on time.  There were many in this community and others from as far as Maui who all made it happen!  SO MUCH GRATITUDE!!!)

Once Nicc arrived on the 4th and we continued to shop for food, and put together more of the details of retreat – the joy continued to grow, the laughter heightened.  The studio and the land were blessed again and again as it had been through the construction phase.

The lovely participants arrived at 5pm on July 6th to share in the debut for the 1st offering in this sacred space.  What joy transpired for the next 4 days! Laughter, tears, growth, and pure magic –  Nicc’s amazing music, Uma leading the painting process, morning movement practices, and incredible shared meals. So very full for all of us. 

The whirl wind continued after the retreat concluded (each of us with new and renewed loving friendships with OURSELVES and each other – as we also had reconnected with our ‘SHINE’ within.)

We then took a trip to Ojo Caliente – a local hot springs (an hour away) filled with more joy and magic and the opportunity to actually STOP after months of go go go! AHHHHHH – luxury!

Friends and family started arriving Wednesday – so there were trips to the airport, Nicc had a concert in Santa Fe (she played) and there were new and old connections made.  We had planned a River trip for an early birthday celebration for me and I cannot remember the last time I laughed so much. As we sat together in the evenings by the river,  my daughter asked for people to share stories/memories they had about me – our relationship or events.  There was laughing to the point of tears.  There were such delights that I had not remembered, and heartfelt stories that warmed my heart and soul.

A few days more back at home when people began to leave and we enjoyed each moment together.  The last trip to ABQ airport on Tuesday had the last 3 people leaving Tuesday and early Wednesday.  Leaving me with my heart so full, feeling so loved and blessed.

This brings me to the title of this “what to do when the BEST Whirl Wind stops?”  as that is part of what I felt.  Being on such a high for months – though especially for the 2 weeks that all this took place in.  This has really challenged me to look at all the pieces involved.  As stated –  the love, joy and sense of magic was and still is overflowing.  It is so easy to want to “grasp and hold on” to it all.  The offering is ‘can I feel it ALL?  All that sweetness and the touch of sadness as it come to completion (for now)?’  It’s that concept of “this/and” because both the sweet and sad is present. I truly don’t want to miss the opportunity of each and EVERY piece of it.   

I am addressing it all by being conscientious with my morning practice (I’m even getting up before sunrise most mornings and taking a sunrise hot tub) and I now have this LOVELY studio to paint and paint and paint.  There are some events coming – so I have work to do in preparation.

Lots of ideas are swirling –  Nicc and I are planning the next retreat and the events that will lead up to it, I am planning shorter workshops here in the studio in Taos and we will likely do some in Boise area together. (Keep in touch to hear more)

So when the whirl wind is happening – enjoy the ride, and when it changes – enjoy that too!  Find things that keep you turned on, and tuned in –  express your love, receive the gifts people and this universe have to offer and offer your own right back.  Find the blessings wherever you can as they are truly all around. 

I’d love to hear your response if you wish.  With deep love – Uma

Pics below –  the group at the end of the Shine On!, Uma’s final “Shining Her Inner Light” and a group shot on a hike the day before the river trip.  Family and friends.  

Join Artist & Intentional Creativity® Teacher Uma Joy, Herbalist Briana Georgae, and local event planner Ashley
for a fun evening of symbolism, intention, social painting and healing herbal elixirs.

A time of fun and connection with NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED.  This isn’t your usual wine and paint party,Each design is filled with symbolism and we start each session with a simple ice breaker – a Red Thread Ceremony that helps make a fun, meaningful and memorable event!

You will be gently guided through a painting process that has an intention and theme with inquiries of meaning.  The non-alcohol Elixir of the night will be paired with the painting theme to make a well-rounded evening of awareness and potential healing

Let’s take a break from Zoom and gather in person. Every other Tuesday evening from Sept 6 – from Nov 15 – .6 -8:30 pm

Investment: $240 for all 6 sessions or $45 for each one individually.  This will include all painting supplies and the Elixirs.  Scholarship opportunities for those in need:  call Briana at 720.775.2227.

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