Let’s Explore and Create – Supplies

Open to the mystery –  Amazing results can arise

Open Heart, open eyes, awakening to joy and ease

Let’s Explore and Create

Open to the mystery –  Amazing results can arise

Open Heart, open eyes, awakening to joy and ease

Creativity helps to move energy and to gain greater access to healing.  

As we work together here are some supplies that you will need.  There is nothing fancy required – you can use what you have.  This is an invitation to explore to find what you like and what works for you.  
Some things that are really nice to have if we are working on paper:

Watercolor or mixed media paper, A Canson XL or Strathmore Mixed Media Journal is my favorite to use as it can provide space for journaling as well.  9″x12″ 98 lb is my favorite

Watercolor paints – an inexpensive set of 10-12 colors works well

Watercolor pencils,  any will work, though Derwent Inktense are lovely – at least 7-10 different colors – the colors of the rainbow and black are a good start

Watercolor/acryic  brushes – a few different sizes – flat and round,- small to medium in size, Inexpensive is fine, and a  2″ flat like you can find at a hardward store is also good to have and very inexpensive..  (if we are working on a canvas – a ‘hog hair bristle brush” – stiff bristles and cheap is good to have)

Colored pencils – 5-10 colors that call to you

A Sharpie brand twin tip permanent marker pen in black and 2-3 other colors- fine and/or ultra fine tip

Pencil  (eraser and sharpener) and 2-3 colored pens

If we are painting on a canvas, we will discuss the size – usually around a 16″x20″ – 20″-24″ is a good size:  

Acrylic paints: Golden Fluid Acrylic are my favorite, though Blick, Utrecht, Liquitex or others are fine.  Please include colors that are ‘yummy’ to you, white, dark brown, and a rainbow of whatever you are able to afford.  (favorites are Quinacridone Magenta, Phthalo Turquoise, Hansa Yellow Medium, Ultramarine Blue, Dioxazine Purple, Van Dyke Brown, Raw Sienna, Transparent Red Iron Oxide)

Water bottle (jar or yogurt container)


Spray bottle (fine and/or medium mist)

Palette or paper plate


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