I belong to a world wide group of creative women and this is how I do peace

Creativity is my healing and it is the gift which I share with the world.  

This past week has been over the top full!  My Intentional Creativity® community had a week long (online) retreat which included as the main part –  exploring our Mystic Legendary Self.  Many steps and many layers –  looking at the Painter, the Priestess, Prophetess, the Peacemaker, the Poet, and more.  As well as a participant doing my own work, I held space and supported others doing their work, often humbled by the depth each woman went to heal old stories and events and coming forward with the expression of their True Self.  

Put the election on top of that and the week was full.  It was emotional – ups and downs and full to the brim.  

I’ve spoken here of the the Creating Radiant Health Membership that I offer and Tuesday night (election night) was our regular meeting.  The theme for the month is Resilience and Adaptability. Wow – this past week offered me the opportunity to look at myself and see where I am resilient and where I am not…where I am adaptable and where I am not.  I was clearly reminded of Ken Keyes “Handbook to Higher Consciousness” that I read 35 years ago when he wrote of “You can want what you want, you can think you are right, and that you should get what you want, but you don’t have to make yourself unhappy.” (Not an exact quote but close) It is when we are addicted to or attached to the outcome being what we demand – that the problem arises.  When we can PREFER a certain outcome – (even if we think that is the right outcome) we can prevent ourselves from the inner turmoil of not getting what we want.  A great reminder for me.  We did a creative process where the message came up for me that  FOR ME  “I Choose Happy! Resilience= Happy, Adaptability=Happy.  I choose Preference and Happy”    

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