What Do You Stand For Today?

What Do You Stand For Today?

Is there something you are so passionate about that you would say ‘that’ in answer to this question?  Is it the same thing it was last year? 5 years ago? longer?  Do you have more than 1 thing that is your DEEP FIRE inside?

What I notice for me is that things that have been inside of me for a long time have become stronger as the years have passed.  Things I was too shy to speak up about, I will no longer be silent about.  I continually examine this for answers of how I want to and/or how I WILL stand up.

I almost came to the bottom line that I stand for DIGNITY.  When I first started writing this – my initial answer to this question was ‘Love.’  Inside of that is respect, compassion, and nonviolence.  This includes all beings having a right to receive these things.  And what I realize as I continue the musing –  I believe in LOVE –  MAJORLY  – and I do my very best to stay in my heart and to Choose Love First.  HOWEVER, is that really the STAND I take?

I do not have control over someone else’s emotions. So I kept boiling the issue down further and further.  I started looking at causes I am passionate about – what lights up my heart with joy and what stirs the fires of fury.  That is what made me start thinking DIGNITY.  All beings (in my beliefs) have a right to dignity –  to be interacted with in a way that does not leave them feeling ‘less than.’

This could then become very broad – looking at assault, abuses, racism, prejudices regarding sexual preferences, religions, cultural differences, and the list could go on and on.  What do all of these have in common?  What is the thread that runs through them all?  HUMAN RIGHTS!  Definitely!  And yet— no less do I believe in animal rights, OUR MOTHER EARTH’s rights.  What now becomes the term and the STAND?

There are many causes and issues I could list here, that I am passionate about.  As I examine them,  they seem to boil down to the same thing – I STAND for AWAKENING.  My commitment is to do my part in supporting Awakening and increased Awareness.  With that awareness I can ask if what I am doing, or considering, is in alignment with that STAND.


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