About Me

Uma Joy Healing Art is here to help
you transform your old stories
into a new healthy and joyful life.

About Me

Uma Joy Healing Art is here to help
you transform your old stories
into a new healthy and joyful life.

Hi, I ‘m Uma Joy




As I look back over my life I see a thread of creativity from almost the beginning and I see the mandala showing up here and there – really not even knowing the word “mandala” for a long time. I painted, quilted, drew, “threw” pots (pottery), made stained glass art, did woodworking and more… all feeding my creative side.

Meanwhile in my early 20’s I became more aware of the spiritual side of my being. I started exploring meditation, learned to do yoga, became much more aware of nutritional factors and health. I traveled to India to continue my studies there, and upon returning to the states, I was co-owner of the Institute of Yogic Culture in Southern California. I spent the next few years teaching yoga, meditation, vegetarian cooking and massage classes through the mid to late 1970’s.

1979 found me at Western States Chiropractic College where I received my chiropractic degree (D.C.), and I later added an acupuncture certification to it. I was co- founder/partner and practitioner at a Wellness Center in McCall, Idaho for over 20 years and continue to practice in Portland, Oregon. For most of my life I have felt the calling for ‘helping people to improve the quality of their lives.’ and I have fulfilled that mission through the work as a health practitioner.


Uma Joy lives in beautiful                Taos, New Mexico

Uma Joy with Paul Heussenstamm – having fun painting together


One day, during September 2009, I walked into a Chopra Center retreat and saw the mandala work of Paul Heussenstamm and it touched the depths of my Soul. After 4 days of being with these paintings every free moment, I spoke to him about the workshops he offered. As it turned out he was coming to Idaho in 2 weeks for a workshop at Art and Soul of Idaho. It was a transforming moment and I became more intimately connected with the mandala — never looking back – only going deeper and deeper into the center. At that point I began painting and sharing the mandala as much as possible, and still do so today.  It continues to feed my Soul.

They say the only constant in life is change, and a series of major changes happened for me in 2012 -2013: a separation and divorce (after 25 years together), the passing of my mother and step-father, a moving from my community of 23 years, an opening of 2 new healing centers and the finding of Shiloh Sophia McCloud – who became another dear friend, mentor and art teacher.



It was with Shiloh Sophia that I became acquainted with the Color of Woman Painting Method and Intentional Creativity®. I participated in the Color of Woman Teacher Training Program and became Certified in the Method as well as in becoming a Certified Intentional Creativity® Coach. Between the insights that happened with the Mandala and the Intentional Creativity® process – I cannot imagine where my life would be without the healing that took place during this challenging and transformative period of my life. I will be eternally grateful to Paul Heussenstamm and Shiloh Sophia (as well as her mentor Sue Hoya Sellars) for bringing me to this beautiful place in my life.

I see my life having come full circle in many ways. In addition to healing through Chiropractic, I now see myself offering healing in a number of additional ways – creativity and life coaching as well as allowing the mandala and other Intentional Creativity® work to support the healing process. As noted on the Table to Canvas page – I now combine these healing forms in a bundle that take each of the processes to a whole new, deeper level of healing.  Whether it be with art work on someone’s wall, or facilitating a workshop – the mandala and Intentional Creativity® Art heal in many ways. It is a “joy” to share this art with all whom it touches.

I am a part of a group of over 5000 women around the world who are including Intentional Creativity® and Metacognitive drawing as part of their practice in their work.  We have over 300 teachers around the world of which I am one.  And this work is “rocking my world.”  I love it  – I am passionate about it, I love sharing it and I see it changing lives. I love it in itself, and I love it with my Chiropractic work.  Sometimes I use one, sometimes the other and sometimes both.   

As a mother of 2, and a grandmother of 1 – I deeply feel the need to affect global consciousness through my life and my work, to add love and healing to our planet – not only for us and for our families to come – but for all people, all beings – including Mother Earth Herself. May we each do all we can to continue to leave this place a better one than it was when we arrived.

May you “en-joy” my site, the Healing Art and information included here.. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at umajoyhealingart@gmail.com.


Namaste, Uma Joy

Uma Joy and Shiloh Sophia

Uma Joy’s Story

At age 70, I have personally experienced the transformation of this which I am bringing to you. What I have created with these offerings is something I have done to heal myself.

I have taken this track with my children, friends, and patients. Using this direction, I’ve opened new businesses.

Many of us (at some point in our lives) find ourselves in pain and/or lost. I did too! Physical body pains, a divorce, loss of dreams and family, my mother’s death, loss of community through moves…I had them all!  And it ALL changed so quickly!!

I was there! And it is through that, that this offering was born.

I believe in love and joy and do my best to focus on creating a life that embraces these elements. Whether it be while connecting with my family, friends and/or the outdoors, or with my work, I choose love first, and add whatever I can to leave this world a better place than I found it.

I offer one-on-one and group workshops and retreats all around the world – many online during the Pandemic and soon more in person in my new home town of Taos New Mexico.

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