Joyous Living Life Coaching

Moving Towards the Creative Powerful You

Joyous Living Life Coaching

Moving Towards the Creative Powerful You

When is Personal Coaching Right for You?



It is my belief that we are all creative, strong and capable; that we have strong desires for reaching our potential and will work with commitment to reach that potential.  I also believe that there are times that it is very helpful and valuable to have a support ‘coach’ to guide and support us

‘JOYOUS LIVING LIFE COACHING’  is not the standard coaching that often happens.  I am not here to heal you or to decide what is best for you.  Joyous Living  Life Coaching if based on the Intentional Creativity Method where we use the creative process to access internal information that is more easily accessed when we use creativity.  The biggest difference here is that we use Image and Imagination.  (NO art experience is needed) This process is is a team style coaching program where we work together in a direct, supportive and empowering process that allows YOU to move in the direction you are choosing to head towards. 

The style of coaching that I use is with the strong use of Intentional Creativity® with Metacognitive drawing.  We bring visuals to the dialogue. The results of bringing visuals actually changes the outcome because we are bringing the Right and Left Brain to the table.  It is through this process we explore what comes up for you.  Tens of thousands of people have tried this and are getting amazing different results than through their usual process.  IT DOES NOT MATTER IF YOU HAVE NEVER DRAWN BEFORE – IT STILL WORKS AND ALLOWS AN ACCESS TO DIFFERENT INFORMATION THAT ALLOWS HEALING TO HAPPEN.   

This is a program of discovery, awareness and choice.  It is about empowering each individual to find their own answers as they move forward while being supported, encouraged and having guidance from me as needed. Though many goals will likely be obtained – this is about moving forward towards balance and empowering you to be able to use the tools, knowledge and skills gained from our sessions to continue to go forward in your life in a way that is joyful and enriching for you. 

I feel my role here is to support you in creating what you say you want as well as to support you in following-through. I will hold you accountable and keep you moving forward towards your dreams. This will be accomplished utilizing many techniques with a strong focus on the Intentional Creativity® process.  

I believe we are all ‘complete beings’ and thus, I will work to keep us connected to heart, body, mind and spirit, as I do not believe we can go where we want to go if we deny any part of our Self. I also do not believe we have to dredge up old drama and trauma and relive that process to go forward.  We address what shows up – AND we do not have to bring up and go through every old story in order to transform those old stories into a new way of being.  

This program is also offered along with the Table to Canvas Method as I find that to be the most powerful when we combine all the parts of our being in the process.  It is also offered as a stand alone program – a 3 month or 6 month program.  Individual sessions are also available – though I find a greater value is present when they are grouped together.  We can discuss what is the best route for you on your free consultation as we explore and even potentially do a Metacognitive drawing for you to experience.   

More information and discovery as to whether this is the right thing for you – and if so, WHICH is the right program for you, can be discussed at no charge. Just click below:



Just think:

What would it be like a year from now if you actively focused on what you wanted to accomplish and took the steps to reach those goals?


I’d love to help get you there.

Varying aspects of Intentional Creativity® Coaching

Signs that you know you need some 1on1 Coaching:

* You are ready to make changes and want support and guidance in finding your way * You want to create more balance between body, mind, heart and soul * You are ready to explore where you want to go in your life. * You are ready to uncover what prevents you from creating the joy you want in your life * You are ready to connect thoughts, beliefs and old stories and turn them into new stories * You are ready to explore your Inner Being to increase the joy in your life * You are ready to follow through in the areas of your life that connect with your values * You are ready to bring creativity as a practice into your life * You are ready for a more joy filled life and know it is easier with support and guidance * You are ready to…(fill in the blank for YOU)

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