Private Events

Group Celebrations and Custom Events

Private Events

Group Celebrations and Custom Events

Small or Large Groups! – Let’s Customize What you Want!


Want a custom event?  A private party? Celebration? 

I am often asked if I offer private sessions – for groups or individuals – and the answer is YES!  I LOVE THESE SESSIONS. Examples include:

Mandala painting sessions  – a 2-3 hour session where we paint 4″- 6 ” mandalas. In truth, the first time I was asked to do a mandala session like this (4″ mandalas) with 40+ women, I thought it would be fun, but possibly a little hokey – and humbly I say it was incredibly profound.  I have since gone on to do many more of these ‘mini’ mandala sessions with great joy and sweetness.  When seeing these women years later I will often hear “I still have my mandala in a prominent place.”  

Recently I had the opportunity to offer a session like this for a friend/student who wanted to gather her friends for her 65th birthday and everyone’s gift to her would be the painting of a mandala (with intention for her) and then her life partner would make a frame for all of these mandalas to go into and be hung in their home –  filled with the love and intention of her friends (Close to 40 6″x6″mandalas total.)

“Red Thread Circles”: for Weddings or “Life Celebrations.” where love and intentions and heard and shared.  

Family and/or friend gatherings/parties: for short sessions of Intentional Creativity® – customized for your situation.  A delightful creativity session of fun and purpose.

Corporate Team Building: using “Intentional Creativity®” to foster greater cohesiveness in working together for a common goal.  

Private 1 on 1 Painting sessions, Table to Canvas, Coaching and Chiropractic can all be seen under the 1 on 1 page

Here’s some past Private Events that proved invaluable:

You can find more information about these Events in my monthly newsletter or visit my Event Calendar.

* Wedding with Red Thread Ceremony
* Celebration of Life with Red Thread Ceremony

* “Fall into Bliss” Private Retreat
* Women’s AHA Camp
* Womanhood Weekend

* 1 on 1 Table to Canvas Sessions
* New Directions Maui Retreat

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Some Private Event Snapshots to Enjoy

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