Chiropractic Services

Decreasing Pain, Increasing Balance

Chiropractic Services

Decreasing Pain, Increasing Balance

Taking care of the Whole Body – Naturally 

CHIROPRACTIC HEALING continues with my move to Taos, New Mexico.  So excited to support the local community with my New Mexico chiropractic license.  

As a Chiropractor for over 40 years (since 1982) I have been incredibly passionate about Natural Health Care.  I believe the body knows how to heal itself, and in most cases, has the capacity to do so.  That being said, I also believe there are many factors that take the body out of balance and it needs, or can benefit from, support.  

I believe that optimal health comes from a blend and balance of body, mind and spirit working together in harmony.  When we neglect any of these aspects of ourselves dis-ease can take hold.  There are times the physical body is excessively jarred – an auto accident, a fall, lifting something too heavy, repetitive use, etc and strains, sprains and pains result.  When we are under excessive amounts of stress without having effective ways to release it – the body “cries out” for attention – be it in the form of neck and back pain, headaches, digestive disorders, or more.

As a Chiropractic Physician, I believe in addressing all parts of the body, supporting it to function in the most efficient way we can.  We look at structure (muscles, bones, nerves, alignment, posture), nutrition (what we put in to the body and what we may be missing), stress levels (effective techniques to reduce and handle stress), exercises (strengthening, increasing circulation, reducing pain),  blood work (a great internal map of the body and what is working optimally or less than optimally) and more.  

Instead of “treating a disease” I work with patients to restore balance in their body.  In respectful, gentle techniques, working together as a team (you and me) we may address:

*Areas of pain (neck, back, joints, gut (or stomach), foot, and pretty much another places in the body) 

*Headaches      * Arthritis and other Inflammatory processes

*Allergies     * Digestive imbalances

*Injuries (from falls, Motor Vehicle Accidents, On the Job Injuries, Sports Injuries, etc)

Hormonal and/or blood work imbalances…. AND SO MUCH MORE

I also offer a combination technique called “Table to Canvas” where I combine chiropractic, energy work, guided visualization and creativity to go more in depth into the healing process. Click the button below to explore how the Table to Canvas program can benefit you:


Pain affects the quality of our lives.  First we want to remove the cause of pain when possible, make peace with our pain in varying ways, and optimize the functioning of the body to restore vitality in order to live the life we want (or as close to it as possible) – without pain, and with increased energy. 


“Working with Uma Joy in the Table to Canvas session was just what I needed to catalyze my own creativity…” Shiloh Sophia

“…just the right place for me to start my journey of reducing back pain and go into deeper self-discovery…” LkL

“Table to Canvas” can be individual sessions or a 6 month Program with Life coaching to take you from “where you are to where you want to be.”

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