Creativity Workshops

Intentional Creativity® Workshops * Mandala Workshops
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Creativity Workshops

Intentional Creativity® Workshops
* Mandala Workshops * Online Events

Three Powerful, Insightful and Fun Styles of Workshops Designed Especially for You

Intentional Creativity® Workshops

We have Intentional Creativity® workshops that range in length from 2 hours to some lasting for months.  Themes are varied and include some on  “Belonging,” “Healing from Grief,” “Meeting the Muse,” “Transforming Old Stories,” ” Honoring Mother Earth,” “Dance with the Critic and the Muse,” Making Prayer Flags and Affirmation Cards… and so much more.  Always adding new ones.  All these workshops are clearly available to all levels of painters –  NO experience necessary.

Mandala Workshops

When I first saw the work of Mandala Master Paul Heussenstamm, they touched the depths of my Soul.  Two weeks later i attended my first workshop with him and have continued painting and teaching Mandala workshops ever since.  I love the way the Mandala brings in all aspects of life and what we are dealing with.  Beautiful lessons arise and we come away with an amazing painting – even if we thought that wasn’t a possibility.  These are a big favorite for many!

Online Workshops & Events

Sometimes you just can’t make it to an event and it is great to work with support at home.  I am continually adding Online offerings (The Muse Within, The Path to Peace) and have put on Reclaiming Joy – A Midlife Awakening – 16 women participating in a free online event as we navigated the joys of the Midlife Awakening.  Then there is the Compass Rose Summit –  another free online event – 15 women presenting their wisdom and offerings. Keep checking in here for updates.

We are Creative Beings.  It permeates the entire Nature of who we are.  

Whether we are talking, dancing, problem solving, writing, telling a story and doing just about ANYTHING – we are being creative. Through the CREATIVE process (especially when we are intentional with the mindfulness of it), we access information that is more easily accessed than if we are not mindful or if we are being ‘linear’ and strictly left brained.

We are all creative beings.

Many of us have been told by ‘well meaning’ (perhaps) people to quite wasting our time and “be real.” Yet it is being shown over and over, the importance of how many of our greatest thinkers, inventors, scientists, all spend time in the creative process.

The body works together – mind, body, spirit.  The creative mind helps to cross the bridges and bring all these pieces together. Mindfully being creative is fun and allows us to be in touch with our true Nature.  It helps to access the true self inside rather than the Critic that often sits on our shoulder, and can go on and on “yada yada yada…”


Creative process when directed through intention gives access to the hidden worlds within us. We are all on a journey of integrating that inner world and the world we live in. This kind of creating has nothing to do with talent or skill in art making, rather, art making is the gateway that gives access to consciousness, imagination and playfulness.” ~ Shiloh Sophia


“When I am painting a mandala, I am in the state of love, andI like being in that state.” ~ Uma Joy

“Wow that came through me?” stated by numerous students in Mandala workshops.

What workshops and events are coming?  Find out here…

Join Us and Re-discover Your Inner Self, Beauty, and Truth!

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You get so much more out of a Creativity Workshop than a fabulous piece of original art!
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From the convenience of your home or favorite coffee shop
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A favorite Workshop for many ~ Mandalas!
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