1 on 1 / Personal Services

Table to Canvas, Painting Sessions, Coaching Services, Chiropractic Services

1 on 1 / Personal Services

Table to Canvas, Painting Sessions, Coaching Services, Chiropractic Services

~ Let’s Get Personal ~

Table to Canvas

Are you ready to feel alive and vibrant – leaving the pains behind?
…to transform the physical and emotional pains that keep you from enjoying your life fully?
…to step into the possibilities of freedom and joy in the expression of your total true self.
If you are ready to learn about and experience this amazing blend of healing modalities that “defragment” all the pieces of your life and body

Click the button below for a free call to see if this is the right thing for you.

Painting Sessions

Individual or a series of Private Intentional Creativity Painting Sessions can be booked.  

Though there are indeed pointers for techniques, this is not “fine art” painting lessons.  

Intentional Creativity is a process that allows a transformation of old stories into an understanding and embodiment of who and what you are and/or where you are wanting to go.

Click below to discuss private Painting sessions and options.

Joyous Living Life Coaching

When working with someone in a coaching manner, we work as a team to find the answers that are in you.  

Sometimes you might want to find a voice you lost long ago, sometimes you might be looking for where are you going next, what are the steps, opening to insights and support and direction with accountability.  These sessions are set up as packages for the greatest results.  

Click below to discuss Joyous Living Life Coaching. 

Chiropractic Services

I’ve been a Chiropractor for over 40 years.  I’ve loved it, been passionate about it and every day feel so fortunate to be in such an amazing profession.  I use a gentle style, addressing the body and physical pain, while always remembering that no part of the body works alone.  Thus, generally mind, body, spirit, physical, mental and emotional are all addressed on one level or another.

I currently work in Taos, New Mexico NM and patients there.  Find more about it here:

Sometimes You Just Need a 1on1


Group workshops are great for the experience of community and interaction.  There are also times that individual attention is what is called for.  Some of the people I work with (I generally use the term “My Beloveds”) need just that! 1 on 1 to go deeper into the process. Sometimes it is the physical aspect for chiropractic/body work, sometimes it the Intentional Creativity process that someone wants to work privately, and sometimes a person wants direct 1 on 1 coaching to support them through the next phase of life they are addressing. Then there’s Table to Canvas that brings all of those pieces together in a profounds and powerful way. I invite you to see which is the best fit for you. You are also welcome to set up a free call to discuss what you are looking for with me.

If you don’t see what you are looking for on my website, please send me an email to: umajoyhealingart@gmail.com

Or to set up your free consultation to explore what you are looking for, please click below:

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