Table to Canvas

A Unique Hybrid of Chiropractic, Energy Work and Creativity.

Table to Canvas

A Unique Hybrid of Chiropractic, Energy Work and Creativity.

Powerfully connecting Mind, Body and Spirit

Harnessing the Ancient Powers of Bodywork and Creativity to Thrive
Calling those who feel like they’re in need of a potent transformational experience.

Is this YOU?


Are you ready to feel alive and vibrant – leaving the pains behind?
…to transform the physical and emotional pains that keep you from enjoying your life fully?
…to step into the possibilities of freedom and joy in the expression of your total true self.
If you are ready to learn about and experience this amazing blend of healing modalities that “defragment” all the pieces of your life and body, click the button below for a free call to see if this is the right thing for you.

Table to Canvas addresses these comments and more:

“I see different practitioners and no-one communicates. I just want to bring all the pieces together.”

“I feel my life is fragmented and I am so overwhelmed I cannot move forward,”
“I have been through so many changes lately and am at a loss of how to pull it together for the next step.”
“I am in physical pain, my mother just passed, my kids left for college and my partner wants a divorce. This is too much all at once!?”
“I just want to feel vital and empowered – it’s been too long since I felt that?”

Table to Canvas allows the connection between the parts or us so healing can occur. New pathways of connection happen that allow for revealing that which hadn’t had a conscious connection (or awareness to) before. A peace often washes over you. New revelations can bubble up.

Until the physical and energy body are in communication with each other, these areas will remain fragmented (i.e. the physical body has aches and pains, or the immune system is imbalanced, hormones off kilter, mind and thoughts – emotions – connections with Spirit – all separate instead of in harmony and working together). Perhaps you have worked with a body worker who wasn’t necessarily working in the emotional and energetic fields. Or perhaps you’ve worked with an intuitive who wasn’t necessarily aligned with how to break the continual loop of fragmentation. Physical pain often makes it hard to be calm and centered, emotional pain often shows up in the body and the cycle continues.

What I am here to bring you is a modality that includes the physical body, the energy body and the creative soul. I am providing an experience of integration of whatever is ready to come into alignment – that which has been waiting for this opportunity – and can’t happen in just one part of the body, or one part of the mind or one part of the energy field. These must be connecting with each other for full healing to occur.


  • Does this pique your curiosity?
  • Does it sound thrilling to try this new healing modality?
  • Why not schedule your free initial call now to find out if this is for you?
  • There is no risk or hidden agenda here.

My Invitation

* I invite you to join me for a ‘feast’ that uses the powers of healing – combining different modalities. I use the term “feast” as a metaphor of the richness that is available when many things come together. In this situation – the combination of addressing mind, body and spirit.

* Your customized sessions will be designed with you and me together, and will be dependent upon your focus. Our first time together will explore what you are experiencing that you want to work through and heal, then together we will create something specific for you. A customized session to meet you where you are – using the tools in my medicine basket.

* Table to Canvas means from the chiropractic table, where we will work on physical and energetic alignment, along with a guided visualization. We will then go to the painting canvas and pull in the powerful addition of the creative self to integrate body, mind, and spirit/soul.


…are tired of carrying the burden of chronic physical pains or emotional wounds, and are ready to heal and move forward to greater freedom and wholeness.
…have reached the stage of life where you can finally put yourself first, to finally discover and attend to your deepest wishes.
…are at the crossroad of important life changes, and seeking clarity and direction for your path ahead

This pain and lack of clarity causes stagnation in your body. When there is stagnation – physical, emotional and energetic alignment do not happen. Your body and energy have pointed you to this.

Why and How This Works

This new-but-ancient approach brings together the proven natural methods of healing bodywork and the guided art practice called Intentional Creativity (IC).

Our initial phone call is free. During that call we will discuss your focus and needs and come up with your ideal treatment.

With this Table to Canvas process we will begin with hands-on bodywork to open the subtle energies of the body. Then, from this newly opened space, you can free the body’s cellular memory of old wounds and blockages and explore, transform and release those memories. With this uniquely designed, powerfully guided process, you have the opportunity to tap into your deepest stories of information about yourself. This creative process will use meditation (guided visualization), personalized discussion and exercises, writing and painting. You will be able to release the energy of your current situation and express – with words and paint (even if you have never painted before) – the new insights you discover.

The comprehensive combination of techniques will help you align and engage your body, mind, heart, and spirit so you can step into your wholeness and move forward. You will have gentle guidance to hear what’s truly going on inside you, learn what’s missing for you, work through the issues you face – and discover what’s next for your life.

Each session begins with discussion and assessment of what is happening in your physical and emotional body. Next, you will receive a full bodywork treatment session, including complete, gentle hands-on techniques to align your body and open your heart.

From this space, we will go to the canvas and utilize Intentional Creativity (IC), a process which involves placing direct intention into every brush stroke in connection with a directed outcome – such as moving your physical or emotional pain, transforming your old stories, or discovering your life path. IC can be utilized with any creative process. Our creative process together will include writing and painting.

Now, if you are saying to yourself, “I like the idea, but I cannot paint… I cannot even draw a straight line!” – be assured, no painting skill is required. These sessions are truly for everyone, with absolutely no prior art background necessary.


You can email me at:

Or better yet – let’s set up a time to talk, no charge and no obligation – and there will be great information in our session, even if you don’t sign up.

Book your free appointment and learn more about the different sessions offered and which one might be what you are looking for.

I look forward to talking with you and designing the right program that fits your needs.

Completing the Cycle – Testimonials

Working with Uma Joy in the Table to Canvas session was just what I needed to catalyze my own creativity.  I do a lot of healing work with others so I find myself ‘serving’ and while I love it, I know that I, too, am deserving.  I have long been drawn to the connection between the healing arts of bodywork and creativity in the form of painting and writing – mostly because when I am getting bodywork I see images.  Well, while I was on Uma’s table I did indeed see an image – it didn’t seem like much so I just started with a sketch, not really having any idea what it meant.

I had a large canvas on hand so I just took a big brush and went for it, having nothing to lose.  I brought the images from the drawing and the energy from the session to the canvas and watched it appear.  I worked on it for one month, diving deeper into the meaning.  It was about letting go of old structures and allowing them to organically arise and change.  I also put the initials of most of the people in my life that year who had an impact on me and my work, including Uma Joy!  The painting ended up summarizing my year and bring completion to the cycle.

Shiloh Sophia

MUSEA: Intentional Creativity Foundation, 501c3

Initial start after Table to Canvas Session – Shiloh Sophia

Catalyze: A Portrait of Intentional Creativity by Shiloh Sophia

“The Appetizer session was just the right place for me to start my journey of reducing back pain and go into deeper self-discovery. Uma Joy skillfully wove treatments together for the table portion, allowing me pain relief and freedom of movement. This alone was huge for me, as I feel better than I have in months! The transition to guided meditation was seamless, as she guided me through a journey that led to the canvas portion of my session. Personally, I’m comfortable with and enjoy guided meditation but the painting part scared me. It didn’t take long to realize it was about the process, not the product. Would I recommend The Appetizer session to a friend? Absolutely!”


“Uma Created a special experience for the awakening artist: body meridian work with guided meditation, followed by journaling and symbolically layered artwork (simplified version of a process now called Intentional Creativity). Uma’s method helps gently bring emotions and stories from within the body so you can create meaningful artwork.”

- C. McDonald

“Oh Uma, We have to get this to the Veterans, this is so powerful”

-- Military Personnel after tour in Iraq and Afghanistan

I did not expect to have a ‘vision’ appear and be so clear and strong in nature. I am used to things from the mystery showing themselves to me but the session really opened up my channel to receive information I was meant to receive!  Immediately after the session I felt calm, at ease, centered, awakened with confirmation, grounded, and relaxed.  In the following weeks I feel like it opened up areas that I was blocking about my own needs, wants, desires, and next steps for myself in my inner deeper truths.  I allowed stuck energy to process through me so that I could become more ‘clear’.The experience was beautiful for me, full of love, warmth, and grace from Uma. Her knowledge and skill with the physical body as well as the inner terrain of one’s own inner personal spirit is a potent combination to work with. I highly recommend it for anyone to experience!

-Shelli L.

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