Intentional Creativity®

Step into the Mystery, Transform Old Stories, Have Fun

Intentional Creativity®

Step into the Mystery, Transform Old Stories, Have Fun

What is Intentional Creativity®? And WHY?


“Intentional Creativity® is a path of accessing the within – the language of the heart.”

~ Shiloh Sophia

Intentional Creativity® (IC) is working with connecting the right brain and the left brain and in doing so the brain is actively more complete. When we do this we gain more access to our own information. It is here that the energy moves from the ‘stuck’ places, from the places that loop the same story over and over.
IC is giving voice to the Muse (the Inner voice that speaks the Truth) while acknowledging the ‘critic’ and allowing (suggesting strongly) that they (the critic) gets to quiet down – the Muse is in charge here.
IC is like mindfulness – with an added layer of creativity. The Creativity allows movement (even if it is moving a paintbrush, or squeezing clay) and increases the possibilities of embodiment. When the body moves there is a greater affect on and in cellular memory, and as such, the stuck energy in the body is more greatly affected in moving and transforming.

Often wounds and traumas (physical and emotional) are held deep in the cellular memory. When we put our attention on something – it already begins to change. With a paintbrush in hand, symbolism and information arises – the light shines on it and healing can happen.


It allows us to be Self Expressed.

“Self-expression is one of the keys to healing the past, living in the present fully-embodied, and authoring a fascinating future, a legend even. This is about fearless belonging. To yourself. To your life work. To the universe. To one another. We belong here – when we create, we come to life. We tug on the red thread and realize we are indeed connected to everything – and that connection cries out for self-expression.” – Shiloh Sophia


In acknowledgement of the lineage:

This work, Intentional Creativity®,  was developed by Shiloh Sophia – through the teachings she received from her teacher and mentor Sue Hoya Sellars through the lineage of Lenore Thomas Strauss and through Caron McCloud and Eden McCloud.

The Teachers Training for Intentional Creativity®is called COLOR of WOMAN® School which started in 2010. I participated in the 3rd class of Color of Woman – and am ever grateful for that opportunity. I have continued studies and involvement with Shiloh Sophia and had the amazing opportunity to study with Sue Hoya Sellars until her passing in 2014.

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* Dance with the Critic and Muse

* Colorful Scars

* Diva X

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