Painting Sessions

Set the artist in You FREE!

Painting Sessions

Set the artist in You FREE!

Painting feels so good

Painting Sessions in a Group or 1 on 1?

There are many painting workshops throughout the year for you to participate in.  Sometimes people want an individual/private session for their process.  Sessions can be weekly for a specific number of weeks and can be set up in 2,3 or 4 hour sessions.  They can also be set up in conjunction with Table to Canvas.  Set up a free call to discuss if this is the right thing for you.


There are many reasons to create!

You can find more information about Events in my monthly newsletter or visit my Events Calendar.

* Expression

* Healing

* Honoring

* It's Fun

* Community

* Connection

* Something New

* Exploration

* Transformation

* Just Because

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Don't miss out on Feeling So Good!

There are many opportunities to join a group workshop!
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Creativity Workshops, Mandala Workshops, Private Events, Red Thread Circles - check out My Event Calendar.

It feels so good to paint!
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You'll find lots of options for Group and Private Workshops in my Event Calendar.

Just like us - no worse for the wear.
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Check-out my next upcoming Events and let's get painting!

Millions of possible colors to lose yourself in.
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See what's coming up in my Event Calendar!

Is a Private Session right for you? Or Group? Or Both!
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See what's available in my Event Calendar and Sign-Up Today!

Enjoy exploring Intentional Creativity in one of my Workshops.
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Find out more about the benefits of Intentional Creativity.

The Magic of Mandalas!
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Find out more about Manadas and the workshops I offer.


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