How are YOU navigating the calm?

Most of you have been with me long enough to know I don’t typically focus on the negative or the difficulties.  I’m not going to change that right now. I am, however, wanting to acknowledge the “elephant in the room” as the saying goes. These are ‘Crazy times.’  No matter how you voted –  it’s been a wild and bizarre ri, here in the US.  The Pandemic seems far from over, and most of us (in this country – in this world?) are stressed with the fears, the finances, the losses, the returning to lockdown, and trying to decide who is telling the truth about what?

Thus, my question to you:  How are YOU navigating at the calm  – that place in you that reduces stress, continues to enjoy and be present to life?

I was recently asked if I was interested in facilitating a Wellness Program here in Taos.  It really has me connecting with our caregivers and what they are going through. How stressed can a person be?  Does it stop with the caregivers?  What about the business owners? The employees? Essentially it reaches out to most of us. Each of us needs a stress reduction plan in place.  

What about YOU? Do you stop and consciously breathe? Do you have a gratitude practice?  Do you exercise – walk, run, yoga,  bike, dance, martial arts…? Do you eat nourishing and nurturing foods?  What do you do to feed your soul?  Do you connect with nature?  Pray? Meditate? Connect with Spirit – in whatever form you connect with?  Do you have a creative outlet?

When asked about the Wellness Program it made me realize THIS IS WHAT I DO!  This is what I have done in variations of for 45 years!!!  And with the Pandemic –  it is all done on line –  not confined to Taos.  It is what is available for all.  Looking at where you are and where you want to be – then making a road map to help you get there.  That includes with myself, too –  where am I and where do I want to be — what do I need to be doing to get there.  Writing this tonight is one of those things on the road —  Sharing and supporting IS a MAJOR PART OF MY JOURNEY – it is who I am and what I do.  I get to do it with and for myself and I offer these services and help to you.  

If this calls to you – and you want support. set up a free consult with me to talk about working together to get YOU from where you are to where you want to be.

In peace and health –  Uma
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