New and exciting!  (This newsletter is a little longer than usual though I hope you will hang in here with me and read it.)

Many of you have been with me long enough that you know I have “married” my chiropractic/healing practice with my Intentional Creativity® practice.  People used to come into my practice in Boise (2013) and wonder “WHY is there an Art studio in the reception area of a Chiropractic/Acupuncture practice?” and that has continued on some level since.

Since that time, patients have engaged in the ‘Table to Canvas’ process where we did chiropractic, cranio-sacral therapy and guided meditation, then went to the canvas (or paper) to access internal information and work through processes.  Patients (and coaching clients) have had 1 on 1 sessions with me in person or on Zoom as we have connected health issues and creative processes.

I’ve been a licensed/practicing Chiropractor for 39 + years and an Intentional Creativity® Practitioner for 9 years. I LOVE learning and expanding and I live my life to increase joy and Awakening for myself and others; to step into a greater realm of living consciously – not living by default settings.

More and more I am bringing Intentional Creativity® into my offerings of coaching, and all forms of healing.  The deeper into it that I go, the more it makes sense. I am still offering online workshops and recently started in-person workshops again –  painting, exploring, with inquiry and for healing (fortunately a bonus is they are FUN too).

This year my art community (Musea) is being offered a course entitled PRISMA.  It is specifically for healing practitioners that are wanting to do exactly what I am talking about –  bringing IC into their practice.  I am taking the class for myself and am also on the staff for the program.  We (Musea) are in the beginning stages of becoming an accredited University – YEP – the real thing!!  Prisma is the first course that will be tied into the accreditation  process.

Why am I telling you all this?  1)  because I want to share the update of what is happening, 2) because I think it is WAY COOL!  And 3)  I have an offering for you.  What is that offering you Ask?  Well, let me tell you:


Starting Friday, March 4, I will be offering a Zoom call on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of each month for at least the next 3 months (Mar, Apr and May).  These will be for an “energy exchange.”  The calls 60-75 minutes will be about connection and using the creative process for healing (physical/emotional) and Awakening to our True selves.  I will be sharing many of the things that are being offered in the Prisma course.

The materials will be simple –  paper and pens and/or markers –  maybe watercolors…

The calls will be recorded for my own review and will not be shared beyond that. There will be no link sent out for those that come or those that wanted to and couldn’t make it.

You will have an opportunity to send emails with ideas of something you are wanting to work on and it can be anonymous to the group – or not – your choice.  I cannot guarantee we will address your idea as I do not know what all will be requested and whether some ideas will be appropriate group content.

This is open to ALL genders.

The cost is an ‘energy exchange’ meaning that you are welcome to offer what feels right for you.  (Addendum:  I am being asked what is a reasonable offering –  In this setting the most common seems to be $5-$20 per session.  It is still –  open to you offering what you wish and are able to do.  )

More info and to Register click  here

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