‘Knowing’ all parts of me are valid, important and present.


“Knowing” was a full journey of discovering and recovering the parts of myself that have been “cut off.”  Parts such as: The delight of the 6 year old that was told “you are too much.” And, the part of the heart that was freely offered and was “smashed and broken apart.”  These pieces (and others) were then reclaimed and stitched back into my life as the beautiful parts of me that they truly are.  When I forget, I only need to remind myself “Knowing” to remember these parts are not lost.

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Intentional Creativity

IC Art Print 5"x7" in 8'"x10" mat $25, IC Art Print 8"x10" $18, IC Art Print 8"x10" in 11'"x14" mat $35, IC Giclée 12"x16"x1.5" $210, IC Giclée 18"x24"x1.5" $295, IC Giclée 24"x32"x1.5" $447, IC Giclée 30"x40"x1.5" $595, IC Greeting Cards 5"x7" w/blank env $5, IC Original 36″x48″x1.5″ $1597