Releasing Patterns


Letting go of that which no longer serves us.


So often many of us are on “auto-pilot” and react the same way over and over. “She” is about letting go of those old patterns that hold us hostage.

Acrylic on canvas with a beaded necklace embellishment

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Intentional Creativity

IC Original 20'x24"x.75" $597, IC Art Print 12"x12" $18, IC Art Print 5"x7" in 8'"x10" mat $25, IC Art Print 8"x10" in 11'"x14" mat $35, IC Giclée 15"x18"x1.5" $225, IC Giclée 20"x24"x1.5" $350, IC Giclée 25"x30"x1.5" $450, IC Greeting Cards 5"x7" w/blank env $5