The Magical Mystical Mandala in Council, Idaho – May 16, 2024

Tosha's Tinctures and Herbs, Council, Idaho 211 Illinois Ave, Council, ID, United States

The Magical Mystical Mandala The term Mandala means 'sacred circle.'  It is that which connects the inner part of you to the greater "ALL" and the greater "ALL" to the center of you.  This "ALL" is what perhaps you call 'God' 'Spirit' 'Universe' 'the Divine' -  whatever it is to you.  The Mandala is more…

Event Series Falling in Love with ME!

Falling in Love with Me!

Virtual , United States

Wow!  A year focused on falling with love with YOURSELF!! I am so thrilled and excited to step into this with you as we each embrace and embody what it is like to truly LOVE OURSELVES!  to be KIND and CARING to OURSELVES!  to be RESPECTFUL to OURSELVES.  We show these things to others in…