Golden Palace


Only originals are available – blue, green, purple, magenta with 3-dimensional paint.


With Gold Leaf and 3-D paint, this Golden Palace holds the 8 auspicious symbols of Buddhism within the lacy design. There are many variations of these meanings, but for the basics:
The Parasol – protection from suffering;
The 2 Golden Fish – good fortune;
The Conch Shell – awakening all beings from ignorance;
The Lotus – beauty, purity, love, wisdom;
The Banner of Victory – wisdom over ignorance;
The Vase – long life of prosperity;
The Dharma Wheel – 8 fold path of Buddhism;
The Eternal Knot – interrelationship of all phenomena.

Due to the nature of the 3-dimensional paint for this mandala – only Originals are available. Different sizes can be ordered, as well as different color backgrounds, such as green, blue, purple and magenta.

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Mandala Original 12"x12" $225, Mandala Original 18"x18" $325, Mandala Original 24"x24" $395