Gaia Restoring Balance


Honoring our Earthly HOME


There seems to be so many areas of imbalance in this world.  The way we treat this precious Earth that we call home is perhaps one of the most dangerous.  I honor our great Mother Gaia and pray she can restore balance. When we are in alignment with life – in a good way – all is possible.  When light hits a prism at exactly 42 degrees we see the rainbow.  My prayer is that we live in that 42 degrees and see the light in each other. This acrylic painting includes gold leaf embellishments.

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Intentional Creativity

IC Giclée 12"x16"x1.5" $210, IC Giclée 16"x20"x1.5" $240, IC Greeting Cards 5"x7" w/blank env $5, IC Original 24" x 30" $647