What I have learned about Love (with a little about life, too)

What I have learned about Love…  At this stage of my life I get to reflect, think, and FEEL – what have I learned about love (and life) ?  What have I learned that I have to share?

Sometimes, I have thought, what do I have to say, that hasn’t been said?  And I remember, maybe it has been said, though maybe it hasn’t been said by me, or in this same way, and MAYBE, it will be heard (or read) in a new way, at the right time, for someone to hear it differently, and MAYBE  it will make a difference for someone NOW.

So that is the first message I want to share –  what YOU have to say and share is important!  You don’t know how it will be heard –  So please, fill it will kindness, compassion and love, and share it.

It starts with me –  and my love for myself.  I know I have been saying this a lot lately so I’ll keep it short this time. However, It is so important that I will KEEP saying it.

So, YES, the second message to share is that the more we love ourselves, the happier we are and the more we have to share in this world

There are so many forms of love.  Unfortunately the English language is limited in the names for this love, though the LOVE itself is unlimited.  There is Divine love, self love, romantic love, love for family, love for a friend, planetary love, compassionate love… and the list can go on and on.

The third message of love I wish to share  feel it all, share it all, the more you feel it, share and express it, the more you receive it back in kind, and what a joyous world we can all be a part of.

In addition to there being all types of love, I know that there are no limits to the “bigness” of love.  When my mother was 73, she met a man who was 70. They fell in love and were married 5 months later.  He kept saying to me “can you believe it – at our age?”  There is no age with love, the is no color of skin with love, there is no gender with love,  There is love.

The fourth message of love is that life is precious.  We do not know what tomorrow brings.  Love fully NOW!!  Yourself and others!

When I think of love, of life, of the shining light we all are, I feel connected to all.  I feel connected to this greater “Consciousness” we are all a part of.  I have respect for all religions and philosophies and am not here to preach or convert  –  So whatever you call this Great Spirit, the innate that keeps this body breathing and the trees growing… we are not alone.  We are all connected. With an open heart  and kindness, life is filled with joy and greater ease. There will be ups and downs, pains and laughter, challenges  – tears and joys…

Whether we are speaking of life, or love, or dreams,  so often we hold ourselves back due to fears.  Fears of failing, fears of succeeding, fears of what other will think – fears , fears, fears.

My fifth message for today is the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.   An option is “feel the fear and do it anyway.”

My final sharing on the subject for today
– in the words of musicians, poets, and great wise ones:
Love is all you need;
Love is my religion;
Love begins at home’
Spread love wherever you go’

Peace and blessings to all –  With deep love – Uma Joy