My ‘Artist in Residence’ is coming to a close, yet, when I am in the present moment, there is endless time remaining.  What does it take to remember to be in the present moment?  Present moment, perfect moment.  Present moment, perfect moment.  Breathing in, breathing out.  Breathing In.  Breathing out.  

Sometimes that includes being with the pain of the moment.  Another 751 bodies, unmarked graves, on top of the 215 already found.  966 Beautiful souls of Indigenous children disrespected, discarded… I am in tears.  My Native sisters say not to be shocked –  they have known of this disgrace and dishonoring for many, many years.  And yet, I weep – I weep for the useless hated in this world, I weep for the mothers, the fathers, the ancestors.  I weep for all of us.  I pray – for the insanity to stop, for healing, for change.  I cannot pray for understanding as there is no possibility of that –  there is no sense to make of this.  Thus I pray for healing.  And I take it to the canvas.  

One of the things we do in our community of Intentional Creativity® is use prayer dots.  With intentional I put my grief, my prayers into the canvas.  I pray for healing for the ancestors.  I pray for the beautiful souls whose precious lives were struck down in an unconscionable manner.  I pray for the healing of all. 


“215 + 751?? More” My heart aches! So I do what I know and take it to the canvas. Honoring, praying. Asking for healing. As stated in the first pic – (the inquiry and intention is always written on the canvas first. Maybe in the form of a prayer, a declaration, a request… whatever form it shows up: 215 + 751 + how many more? Honoring the Souls of the children of the residential schools whose lives were stolen, with no honor, no sense. Honoring them now. May healing happen for them, for us all. May this insanity stop! May love prevail. Honoring the Indigeneous people with the color Orange. (this number is over 1000 as of this writing)

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